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old pictures. drove up sierra w/ vicki that day and randomly stopped at this house with horses. I remember wanting to bring Victoria there, but this was the only time we saw the horses there. memorrrrriesssss<3

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Just received my grades from two out of the four classes that I have. I have an A in my math class and a B in my administrative justice class. I’m really happy, I feel like all the time and effort paid off. BUT I can’t help but feel like I could have tried harder to get an A in my AJ class. I rarely received A’s in high school so a B for me back then was a total score. But now.. I just feel.. “eh” about it ;l. Idk why though. I don’t wanna sound like a whiny bitch and complain about it, BUT WOW… tell me why I am not pleasedddddddddddddddd by this!! ;p

ANYWHO, I’m driving back to the bay tomorrow morning. OH, I is excited to see my bb and my other two bb’s and the little munchkins and my momma.. but I’m definitely not looking forward to spending more time at work. Ah heck. More money though, which is good like ALL THE FUCKIN’ TIMEEEEEEEE, but I’m soo lazy… uhhhhhh D;

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